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Hello, we are Jijo, Ajith, Vipin
We are freelance web developers
If you need a website built, you came to the right place



We believe in doing one thing at a time. We take on one task at a time and finish it off quick. Its all about our team work


You should hear the idea when we come together. One of us is creative- thinks up all posibilites, the other is focused- clears in on the objective and the last one .. well he needs perfection- to every fine detail!

Its WEB!

We believe in technology, specifically internet. We know how to utilize the internet to help you grow


Jijo Johnson



The one with the practical approach, he is the best person for a business meeting or a cup of coffee atop the cliff.

Ajith Surendran



The one with the wizard fingers, his keyboard produces a rythm, either that or he's high on caffeine

Vipin Mohan



The one with the wierd dreams, he is the one to talk to for ideas. Stuck on business ideas or marketing? Coffee time!


Web Design

We believe in apperances. We really do. When people say they can tell a man from the way he dresses, our director tell a man's business from his website!

Web developement

We believe in different technology for different purposes. To that end our developer use different framework and approach. From simple HTML to the modern YII frameworks to name a few.

UX Design

Apperances matter! We have a lone GHOST in our team on hunt for beautiful. Just kidding, our designer loves his job more than his girlfriend. Or does he?

Internet is the next gen technology. NEWS just got old. Everyone comes to know about everything from the internet. Its the next place to be. The old means of business and advertisement is changing. So what do we do? We create stunning websites for you! Why? Read on below Have you ever tried searching for a business while travelling. For example a hotel or restaurant during a long drive through unfamiliar places? Did you just search for a hotel in google? And google showed the big restaurants, possibly a premium one at that. No offense to google. But Mr. X who owns a fairly reputed budget restaurant just didn't have his business listed online or had a website. If Mr. X did have a website with a proper SEO, you mighting be lunching at his restaurant and saving a lot of well earned money. Now just imagine if you are Mr. X, did you notice the possible thousands of potential customers which slipped through? This is why you need a webiste, an online presence.

We provide a complete online package. Well... almost complete. We create the obviosuly basic website, it has the every bit of information about your business that you need the world to know. Then there is contact option. Obviously your customers need to contact you. Then small advertisements, little bit of seo, so that google knows who you are, where you are, what business you do and the public opinion of your business. Oops... forgot about the logo. When we design a website, we usually throw in a couple of goodies as a nice gesture, a logo if you don't already have one, catchy statements to get attention, a bit of introduction to the social world (in the internet of course), and if your really really nice, a small billing software. Mind you, we actually have a better billing solution, but that is intentded to be on the expensive side. PS: Its GST ready. And we will be updating it as the government changes taxation policies on a whim. We said so much, but we didn't talk about the thing that matters the most. PRICE!!.. As much as we like to say its free, sadly, its not. Now don't judge us. We also have to pay taxes and eat. But as we are freelancing we are not limited by all the bothersome expenses of an office. So thats were we really shine. We can offer you the best prices. We provide solutions at a fraction of the cost by the bigger guys. A bit low on budget? But can't sacrifice the quality. No worry, just contact us. We can help you get the job done.

We spend a lot of time studying how people go about searching for services similiar to your business. We then use those phrases as key words or meta. Search engines register these keywords and showyour page in result among the results. A cost effective solution. For example take a look at our SEO.

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A reputed Catering Company based in Kuwait with services throughout UAE

Under Construction
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MathsOne is a fast growing coaching Centre dedicated to create Mathematical experts

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Raw material suppliers for construction of any scale in Kollam.

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Global Manpower Consultancy

A recruitment agency based in USA




Our office is in the clouds... AKA the internet! But for a general location look below our email in address section

+91 9809421409